Xanax Bars

Xanax bars sounds a little like a Mars Bar, doesn't it. You could see the thinking making Xanax Bars sound like a chocolate candy bar. It helps you work, rest and play was an old advertising slogan that Mars used so there could be some complications if people think thats what Xanax Bars do. Of course they are very different, and you should never confuse xanax bars with mars bars. One pill of Xanax is called a bar, and that is how the term has entered popular popular culture - slang if you will. Accoring to a well known urban dictionary, a xanax bar is a term used to describe a pill containing 2mg of alprazolam.

As you know by now, this is a mild benzodiazepine prescribed to assist with anxiety and sleeping disorders. Due to its short half-life (three hours or so) it is one of the more addictive benzos. Xanax bars are a fairly recently released type of depressant. Because of its effects, many people are rather hesitant to use them. Remember that Xanax bars are manufactured to help people suffering from discomfort and Xanax bars control panic attacks and depression. Although it is said that this drug is more effective than any other depressant that others have manufactured and prescribed, you should always talk to a qualified medical professional before buying Xanax Bars.